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The Chris & Sandy Show With Comedian Jimmie Lee

The Chris & Sandy Show

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Episode  ·  34:45  ·  Nov 14, 2022


We had a blast with comedian Jimmie Lee on The Chris & Sandy Show. We talked about parts of his story, why he became a comedian, he told so great stories and a ton of jokes plus a whole lot more! This guy is just hilarious and you will see why we say that as you watch this show! Los Angeles Ca- Comedian, TV Personality, and Reality star Jimmie Lee, has become wildly popular nationally with his brand of comedy, many say he is a cross between a modern-day Don Rickles and Andrew Dice Clay.Just who is JIMMIE LEE? Jimmie is one of the most successful dentists on the east coast with three offices in Jersey, he is a dentist by day and Comedian by night so to speak, from his videos on you tube and social media to appearing at NY Comic Con, you never know where Jimmie will pop up next and everyone is fair game to him. What is the people’s reaction to his street humor? THEY LOVE IT as you will see in the links below.Ripley may have said “Believe It or Not” , but he never saw or met Jimmie Lee. To say Jimmie Lee (who goes by the surname The Jersey Outlaw) is a character is an understatement. The energy and charisma that Jimmie brings to the screen is unrivaled and unparalleled, and the fans are absolutely embracing this edgy style of comedy that is Jimmie Lee’s trademark.“Noboby does this old school insult comedy anymore with the high energy, creating chaos and havoc on the streets” says Jimmie Lee in a recent interview with the press. And he can back it up with the huge following of his fans this year on his social media, including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. “We are developing a huge fan base now of millennials who love my comedy, which initially was surprising, and I feel it heading in the right direction”, says the Jersey Outlaw.Jimmie Lee is the star of the hit comedy reality TV show, Dangerously Funny, now filming in Season 6. Lee’s comedy is a unique brand of street comedy, old school style, with witty insults, one liners and devastating ad lib skits. He is not politically correct in any way, but its good-natured comedy. Jimmie’s philosophy is that the more shocking and over the top and crazy it is, the more entertaining it is. The concept is unique in that nobody does this style of comedy anymore plus the fact that Jimmie interacts directly with his fans on the street. It’s very interactive and entertaining. And it seems to be working very well for Lee, who has gone viral and created a huge social media following this year. He has already shot several times in Hollywood and in New York City this year.The Jersey Outlaw creates a” big vibe” when he performs his street comedy. He creates pandemonium and mayhem on the streets and a big scene wherever he goes. With his signature sunglasses, leather jacket, security guards and the limousine, one thing is certain. Once you see Jimmie, you’ll never forget him. Mark my words! Jimmie lee is one Outlaw of a good nature. He loves to entertain and make people laugh and the fans absolutely love him.

34m 45s  ·  Nov 14, 2022

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