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The Camilita® Podcast



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“Don’t just live, but live like a champion”. Camilita Nuttall is the World’s #1 ‘Rock Star’ Speaker, Founder of Event of Champions®, a Wealth and Business Coach, Author and Property Investor who has built businesses in 30+ countries and helped entrepreneurs around the world live their champion life now. In her podcast, Camilita shares proven strategies along with her guests who are top CEO’s, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, influencers, best-selling authors, athletes, trainers, high net-worth professionals plus excerpts from live events and masterclasses from around the world, in the areas of business, lifestyle, sales and inspiration. Camilita has been featured in Forbes, BBC Business News, B2B News, Think and Grow Rich for Women and many others. Each week she shares with you how too you can Live Your Champion Life TODAY and every day.

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