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The Body Is a Reflection of the Mind

The Flow of Enlightenment

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The Body Is a Reflection of the MindAir Date: 9 March 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTWhat we see evidenced in the body is a direct reflection of the mind. At the heart of the mind is the set of beliefs about yourself.Those beliefs determine every aspect of your life.They will determine whether you are comfortable in your own skin or will be searching (often desperately) for something to fill up this inner hole.The deeper truth is the body is nothing but the mind made manifest. The body IS the mind.Out of Balance with Our Own RhythmSo why in the world is non-dual Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh talking about food and eating and weight loss and body image???There are many reasons.• It causes a great deal of suffering• Producer and Student Lisa Berry specializes in the subject• Emotional eating is a mask worn by a much deeper traumatic wound The current problem of obesity, especially in children, underscores a very deep issue facing all of humanity. • We have become disconnected and disassociated with nature • We have substituted sensory gratification for genuine satisfaction • We are in our heads and out of our bodiesIn short, we are scratching our butts when our nose itches.It all stems from a distorted and totally fallacious sense of identity.A false sense of identity can never be satisfied and will search endlessly for some relief from what it itself is causing.In a sense, we are asking the thief to catch the thief. The only real permanent solution to our out of balance relationship with the body is self-inquiry. Unless you know who you are you can never find that which is truly satisfying.When you do know who you are, you are immediately in harmony with the Tao, the natural flow of life and the weight of false identification falls away… literally and figuratively.Join Producer and Nutritionalist Lisa Berry and Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh as they break down the imaginary separation between mind and body and thus liberate both on the Flow of Enlightenment.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page https://omtimes.com/iom/shows/flow-of-enlightenmentConnect with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at http://www.lightonliving.com/#Body #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry

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