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Talking Books Podcast With Children and Young Adults in Mind (Under 18s)Tale Teller Club audiobooks library is a 24/7 international open-access library for the education and enlightenment of all.We focus on good mental health and learning without prejudice.Please go to our Toddle Poddle Podcast for 0-5 books.Entertainment and education come in an accessible and family-friendly way in this new podcast featuring traditional storytelling and modern technologies. This is an audiobook literature and Suzuki Piano and Cello Method podcast with the Tale Teller Club International Literature Library and features great entertainment for young developing minds that is invaluable to parents, teachers, carers and anyone with an enquiring mind.Kids and Grown-ups alike will find entertainment and education at the Tale Teller Club. Podcasts feel less like academic work and more like great fun! Free books and lessons lay the foundations necessary for modern accomplished musicians and literature and language students to grow into successful, happy, and knowledgeable adults.This is a music and literary podcast for children and young adults as well as being suitable for literature and music-curious grown-ups. The Tale Teller Club was founded by cellist, pianist, and storyteller Ms. Sarnia de la Maré FRSA. Free lessons in Suzuki piano and cello methods, jazz improvisation, traditional classical techniques in music from the ABRSM syllabus, orchestration and modern digital music composition, arranging, and musicianship.Daily recitals of poetry from international and historical libraries are performed live by the Tale Teller Club with recitals from the resident robots Vapor Punk, MoMo, and Cuddles.We feature the complete works of William Shakespeare as well as the classical repertoire for music covering early music, sacred, Baroque, folk, and ethnic world music.Singers and performers will find the instructional podcasts useful and they can be used by teachers and students alike.You will also find free audiobooks here for teens and young adults, particularly literature and historic-based material.We are also uploading a series of multilingual stories for students and speakers and are proud to have sourced some incredible public domain audiobooks which can be freely shared by teachers, schools and parents.What parents say:'A musical grounding that works in harmony with a sense of personal accomplishment and stress-free advancement in important skills make the de la Maré system a pleasure to work with.''I love the robots....I just love them!' What Kids say:I always want my lesson to carry on, it ends really soon.''I like the robots because they are my friends.'This is a fairly new channel and we are working hard to organise the lessons into an understandable and followable format. We use hashtags for levels of musicianship and update information regularly.Please get in touch with any recommendations.Tale Teller Club™ Tale Teller Music School™ Tale Teller Kids™ and the Performing Arts Free School™ are trademarks belonging to Ms. Sarnia de la Maré. © 2020 Sarnia de la Mare. All rights reserved. Strictly no copying or reproduction of any Tale Teller Club performances, recitals or compositions without prior written approval.The Tale Teller Club Orchestra is a digital android orchestra created by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA.The orchestra is focused on children and good mental health and wellbeing. The robots are called MoMo and the Space Flies, Vapor Punk, Cuddles and Bangcrashwallop.The TTCO uploads new tracks each day for students to listen to and practice with and form part of an ABRSM and Suzuki method program.#sarnia #sarmiadelamare#taletellerclub #electronic-musid-podcast#podcast #academic-excellence#online-school #language-school#freeclasses#suzukiclassical-music-podcast

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