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Talakadu Ka Shraap: BELIEVE IT or NOT?

India Classified

Episode   ·  821 Plays

Episode  ·  821 Plays  ·  16:17  ·  Oct 11, 2022


What is the Shraap of Talakadu? An empire buried in sand. The curse of Talakadu is deeper than you think. A Queen cursed Talakadu and it has been barren since then. Now we unfold a history that you may have never heard. Listen to this episode and share your feedback. Written by: Himanshi Pandey Dhruv Lau Audio Design by: Aayush Mehra Voice Credits Opening Narration: Tuhinashu https://www.instagram.com/tuhinanshu/ Voice of Maharani: Mehak Vachher https://www.instagram.com/mehakvachher/ Creative Direction: Dhruv Lau  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

16m 17s  ·  Oct 11, 2022

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