So A Doc, A Foreign Cuisine & Corona?

So A Doc, A Foreign Cuisine & Corona?



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‘I am a doc, a foreign cuisine and corona happened!’As the title says, it is a diary of junior doctor working in the UK during the pandemic.—I dedicate this diary to all those people out there who have been affected by COVID in many ways. Whether we accept or deny, we are now a part of history. This will be our narrative, these will the exact words that someday I’ll read to my grandchildren. I don’t know if my memories will be this fresh. So in caution, I have put them both on voice and on papers.-I dedicate these pages to all my Asian colleagues and other foreign doctors whose dream is to study medicine or work in the UK. I bring to you the truth of hardships and fruition of working in the NHS. Especially as a foreign doctor. I hope in my tales you will find some solace should you come to a state where everything feels overwhelming. Remember you are not the only one. I also hope you learn from my experiences the circumstances you need to avoid and the opportunities you need to pursue in your work/ career path here.- I dedicate these paragraphs to anyone struggling with foreign feeling and identity crisis. Trust me, it will get better. At the end everything that matters is, ‘you’. You don’t have to belong to any group. ‘Be You’. You choose You. - I devote these words also to my patients whose stories, quirks and individuality inspires me, pushes me to be better and appreciate life as a whole everyday. - And finally, 'I am but the branch and a leaf of the same root’.I commit all these words to my parents and the Gurkhas I grew up with. Your stories gives me my voice and I aim to keep your legacies alive.- I had a dream. And I believe it was my calling.

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