S4 Episode 9: Genocide

Which Murderer?

Episode   ·  5 Plays

Episode   ·  5 Plays  ·  31:16  ·  Aug 6, 2021


In Season 4 Episode 9 the girls tackle the horrific topic of Genocide. While we figure if you are listening to a murder podcast you are pretty Teflon, we do include a bit of warning with this one due to the brutal level of violence spoken about. Holly kicks it off with the Killing Fields of Cambodia before Mel talks about the Armenian Genocide. The girls discuss the Dead Body Window and Holly’s DNA, farming is hard, the Kardashians make an odd appearance, smart people don’t do well under dictators and there are promises for happier murders. Production, recording and postproduction completed by Holly who cannot figure out volume and is preparing her trial papers to sue Consulting Producer Craig for not holding her hand through every moment of editing. Holly edited this week. All complaints should be sent directly to Consulting Producer Craig who is fully prepared for his upcoming trial and is wearing a judges wig full time. www.whichmurderer.comWARNING - Explicit language, content and themes (plus whatever else will cover us legally). All opinions stated are our own and case information was gathered from legitimate sources within the public realm.Pre-recorded in Scotland

31m 16s  ·  Aug 6, 2021

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