S4 Episode 14: Music Made me Do It

Which Murderer?

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Episode   ·  1 Play  ·  35:45  ·  Sep 10, 2021


In Season 4 Episode 14 the girls talk about Murderers Who Were Inspired by Music. Mel kicks it off with the Columbine High School Shooting before Holly covers the story of Jared Lee Loughner.Mel tea shames Holly but also doesn’t know what year it is so maybe don’t listen to her too much, we find out that Holly doesn’t make her own tea ever, a recap of girls night reveals a severe difference in musical tastes, Mel tries hard to get Calvin Harris to take notice (sorry Calvin) of the podcast, Holly has a slightly worrying level of knowledge about pipe bombs and also really loves the song from her case. Production, recording and postproduction completed by Holly who has been informed that Consulting Producer Craig is in contact with Calvin Harris to share his knowledge of restraining orders. Holly edited this week. All complaints should be sent directly to Consulting Producer Craig who recently had to take out a restraining order against a carrier pigeon who was sent by Holly with a list of editing demands. www.whichmurderer.comWARNING - Explicit language, content and themes (plus whatever else will cover us legally). All opinions stated are our own and case information was gathered from legitimate sources within the public realm.Pre-recorded in Scotland

35m 45s  ·  Sep 10, 2021

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