S4 Episode 11: Revenge Murders

Which Murderer?

Episode   ·  4 Plays

Episode   ·  4 Plays  ·  32:09  ·  Aug 20, 2021


In Season 4 Episode 11 the girls cover tales of Murder and Revenge! Mels starts us off with the story of Connie Serbu before Holly tells the sad tale of the Ding family. Things start off terribly with Holly drinking while recording, Mel is outed as a drink sniffer, Holly has a police connection and a burning body story, the girls have an actual fight over funding each other going on the run and we all learn what sport will kill you – if you play it with Holly. Production, recording and postproduction completed by Holly who drunk dialled Consulting Producer Craig and accused him of replacing her ability to record with a pet duck running circles in her brain. Holly edited this week. All complaints should be sent directly to Consulting Producer Craig who is now massively in favour of bringing prohibition back. www.whichmurderer.comWARNING - Explicit language, content and themes (plus whatever else will cover us legally). All opinions stated are our own and case information was gathered from legitimate sources within the public realm.Pre-recorded in Scotland

32m 9s  ·  Aug 20, 2021

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