S4 Epiode 10: Clowns and Circus Murders

Which Murderer?

Episode   ·  2 Plays

Episode   ·  2 Plays  ·  38:08  ·  Aug 13, 2021


In Season 4 Episode 10 the girls talk about Clowns and Circus Murders…which are extra terrible because CLOWNS. Mel starts off with a true crime Goliath…..John Wayne Gacy before Holly leaves you with the slightly less horrific but still murdery tale of Eva Clark.Shoutouts to Melinda (who superfanned a theme suggestion our way – which we are absolutely using) and Lindy who revealed there is a Which Murderer team member on Love Island. Probably.Holly reveals how she traumatises Mel with her messaging habits, Mel loses petrol roulette, Holly is confused at how long it took doctors to figure out the obvious, there are people with neverending names, moving to Mexico erases murder and for some reason Mel just doesn’t like Gacy. Production, recording and postproduction completed by Holly who is aware the sound is still troublesome but was drowning in her tears so she just dressed her cat up in Consulting Producer Craig outfit and cuddled her for 3 hours straight. Holly edited this week. All complaints should be sent directly to Consulting Producer Craig who is a bit confused about the full body cat costume he just received in the post. www.whichmurderer.comWARNING - Explicit language, content and themes (plus whatever else will cover us legally). All opinions stated are our own and case information was gathered from legitimate sources within the public realm.Pre-recorded in Scotland

38m 8s  ·  Aug 13, 2021

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