S1E08: A Mothers' Story- How Pratima Lost Her 4-Year-Old Baby To Cancer

Podcast MD by Ketto

Episode   ·  816 Plays

Episode   ·  816 Plays  ·  41:37  ·  Jan 27, 2020


Our next guest on Podcast MD by Ketto is a mother who witnessed her 4-year-old daughter die from cancer. What started as indiscernible tremors in the left hand had a devastating underlying cause in the case of Prathima’s daughter Ira.  She was diagnosed with cancer, a midline diffuse glioma positioned at the thalamus with the size of a table tennis ball. A surgery and several post-operative complications later, Ira was left in a state of no-recovery with more neurological problems than ever before.  For 1.2 years, Ira was taken care of at home by Prathima. Nursing Ira in the face of psychological trauma and heartfelt sorrow was a gut-wrenching experience for Prathima. As a mother, seeing her little daughter die slowly in front of her was a traumatizing experience. “No doubt that the process of dying or death of a loved one is about irreversible loss, immense grief, and deep loneliness. But it is also about compassion, love, and generosity of spirit towards the dying person, something which palliative care strives to ensure,” Prathima says.  Having lost her daughter to cancer, Prathima now works towards raising awareness about Thalamic Glioma and other rare cancers. In the 8th episode of Podcast MD by Ketto, Prathima talks about her journey as a caregiver and a mother during her daughter’s cancer treatment. Also, if you have a similar story you believe can be a source of inspiration for others, then you could be our next guest. Write to us at mystory@ketto.org. Let your story be heard… DISCLAIMER: This podcast and its content is an intellectual property of Ketto Online Ventures Pvt Ltd and are subject to copyright. The views expressed are personal and with no intention to harm the sentiments of any individual/organization. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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