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S1 E6 Ravi Kumar Dahiya - Inspirational story of unparalleled determination

Naye India ka Andaaz | Inspirational Stories - Hindi Podcast | KreedOn Sports

Episode   ·  120 Plays

Episode  ·  120 Plays  ·  5:43  ·  Aug 25, 2021


In this sixth episode of the Hindi podcast series "Naye India Ka Andaz", we narrate the journey of Indian Freestyle wrestler and Tokyo Olympics 2020 Silver Medalist, Ravi Kumar Dahiya  It is said that a hardworking and restrained person can spend many years of his life in oblivion and stumbling, but there comes a time in everyone's life where they get the fruits of their hard work. And something similar happened in the life of Ravi Kumar Dahiya But behind this success, it was Ravi's hard work, but at the same time, his father and all the people connected with Ravi have contributed a lot to his success. It is the journey of a father believing in his son's dream and supporting it against all odds. Hear the full episode of "Ravi Kumar Dahiya - Story of Unparalleled-Determination"  Or you can read the complete story and details about Ravi Kumar Dahiya's life and his journey here. About KreedOn Originals KreedOn Podcasts is an initiative of ours to bring recognition to our present and past sports heroes through engaging storytelling, candid conversations, data-driven analysis, and much more. Through this audio medium, we want to inspire and build a strong community of the young generation in India to follow, support, and spread awareness about Indian Sports. Visit www.kreedon.com for all Indian sports content. Follow us on Spotify, Amazon, Gaana, Saavn & Google --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/kreedon/message

5m 43s  ·  Aug 25, 2021

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