Ovid and his ‘Ages of Mankind’

Cosmographia: The Graeco-Romans, the Egyptians and Us

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To classify Ovid as one of the elegiac successors in Latin litterateur irradiance, after Callimachus, Virgil or Lucretius would be an erroneous interpretation, since critic James Henry, someone who had entirely analysed Virgil’s Aeneid has said that Ovid was in his own terms, “'a more natural, more genial, more cordial, more imaginative, more playful poet... than [Virgil] or any other Latin poet.” Publius Ovidius Naso, better known by the abbreviation ‘Ovid’ and popularly through his work entitled “Metamorphoses” was a Latin poet who lived during the times of Augustus, the Roman Emperor who had banished him towards Tiempo, a small island on the Black Sea, which he himself had termed as a ‘carmen et error’ or "a poem and a mistake". This podcast episode is on the ‘Ages of Mankind’ as told by Ovid (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron) and is an audio retelling of an article by Souhardya of the same name on ScrollStack (souhardya.scrollstack.com)

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