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Non Profits - Making a Difference


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Episode  ·  1:01:46  ·  Feb 6, 2023


We have often wondered what drives people to take up causes other than enriching oneself monetarily. Today we talk to one such person, Rohit Sar, and try to find out the how and why of it. And oh, lesbian sheep enter it at some point but they go out without interrupting the flow We'd love to hear from you and even have you on the podcast! If you'd like to get in touch, say hello on our shiny new email ID, simblified.podcast@gmail.com. We promise to read and reply to every mail, even spam. Especially spam. Add one part news, one part bad jokes, one part Wikipedia research, one part cult references from spending too much time on the internet, one part Wodehouse quotes, and one part quality puns, and you get Simblified.A weekly podcast to help you appear smarter, to an audience that knows no less! Your four hosts - Chuck, Naren, Srikeit, and Tony attempt to deconstruct topics with humor (conditions apply). Fans of the show have described it as "fun conversations with relatable folks", "irreverent humor", "the funniest thing to come out of Malad West" and "if I give you a good review will you please let me go".Started in 2016 as a creative outlet, Simblified now has over 200 episodes, including some live ones, and some with guests who are much smarter than the hosts. Welcome to the world of Simblified!You can contact the hosts on:Chuck: twitter.com/chuck_gopal / instagram.com/chuckofalltradesNaren: twitter.com/shenoyn / instagram.com/shenoynvTony: twitter.com/notytony / instagram.com/notytonySrikeit: twitter.com/srikeitSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1h 1m 46s  ·  Feb 6, 2023

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