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Modern Etiquette Supercut

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Episode   ·  2 Plays

Episode   ·  2 Plays  ·  2:51:37  ·  Jul 30, 2021


Kanan and Manek find that the stiff necked victorian manuals for how one must conduct themselves in society are now hideously out of date. What are the standards of etiquette that one must follow in modern society? How do you correctly share a powerbank, or end a text message conversation? Is your phone passcode your intellectual property, and just what are you supposed to do with email signatures? All these questions and more are discussed and codified by KG and MD in Modern Etiquette.   Contribute at hello@nonewnotifications.com  NNN Official App (Android & iOS) : Download Visit our website if you're that kinda person www.nonewnotifications.com Opening Music (Arranged, Produced, Mixed and Salted) by Jonathan Wesley at www.jonathanwesleymusic.com

2h 51m 37s  ·  Jul 30, 2021

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