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http://RecoveryTodayMagazine.com This interview is part of a feature on Michael Molthan, "M2 the Rock", by Jen Sugermeyer, Correspondent for Recovery Today Magazine. For the entire feature, subscribe free to Recovery Today Magazine.There’s no one definition of what that ah-ha moment will look like for someone. There’s no way to know what will be the ‘true bottom’. We all have a different experience of life, and what may look like a bottom from an outsider’s perspective may not be the lowest low, after all. Michael Molthan, M2 The Rock, is no stranger to the lows, he’s no stranger to the highs, Michael has experienced life on both ends of the spectrum. After his first mugshot and a charge of a 2nd-degree felony, he swore he would never use drugs and alcohol again. Yet, 8 hours after he got out of jail he broke that promise to himself, and it wasn’t until after he had his 27th mugshot that he finally found his bottom and he had that ah-ha moment.[article truncated] With no friends, no real support, no self-worth- Michael found himself alone in prison writing letters to loved ones on behalf of his illiterate cellmates. He anxiously paced the floor for weeks on end, so they called him Rabbit for his quick feet around the cell. Rabbit. How suiting. It was the name he called his son for his agility and speed, and now here he was stuck pacing a cell with the same quickness and intention. Ironic. His cellmate, Oowee (sound it out...ouuuuu….weeee!), watched Rabbit intently and told him he had the choice if he wanted to do hard time- it was entirely in his control. You see, hard time was taking the experience of being in jail or prison hard. Where you pace. Where your mind goes a million miles an hour. Or, you could embrace where you were at. Rabbit was no stranger to the cell, it was his 27th visit, but did he want to do hard time? So, he started to read. Oowee couldn’t read but he had found him a Living Bible (mostly to add volume to his pillow to sleep), but he needed Rabbit to help him read. Was better than pacing! Rabbit also came across another book, ”Detours”, by the preacher Dr. Tony Evans, and his world started to change. Rabbit read through those pages like the words were going to expire if he didn’t get to them fast enough. And then, the ah-ha happened. Michael found his peace.There was no magical ah-ha- that supernatural experience that happens in our life that brings us out of the darkness. Michael was there, he kept going there, but it was God that he finally discovered in that darkness. God was always there- Michael just didn’t know it. It was when he found God that his world changed. He changed. His mind changed. Michael realized that God is real. God’s alive. God is the path to peace. For decades he fought what he believed to be the problems, turns out they were symptoms. The drugs, the alcohol, the women, the sin were all symptoms of leading a Godless life. It was 7.7.17 that Michael turned his will and his life over into the hands of God and he watched as the demonic powers inside of him exhaled from his mouth. This 27-time offender, this felon, this drug addict turned his will and his life over to God and he watched as the blessings began. It was a shock to him as he found himself released from prison two years early, with no warning! Michael left prison and turned himself in- there must have a mistake. But, there wasn’t. Michael was free, not just from prison, but from the evils that took residence in his soul.Michael Molthan, Rabbit, M2 The Rock has now dedicated his life to helping others. ‘M2’ represents his name, and ‘The Rock’ symbolizes God. For 3-years, he has had the longest standing Recovery Radio Show. Five nights a week Michael brings on guests and spreads the word of hope, recovery, strength, and faith. He has recently been picked up by The Country Network (TCN) in Fort Worth, Texas, and will be doing a national show where he talks about sharing experiences on how to live a purposeful life. Michael is living out his purpose and has touched the lives of thousands upon thousands across the globe. We wish him all the best on his journey!- Article and Interview by Recovery Today Correspondent, Jen Sugermeyer#michaelmolthan #m2therock #jensugermeyer #recoverytodaymagazine #sobriety

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