Megasthenes, Heracles and the Graeco-Indian Classical Antiquity

Cosmographia: The Graeco-Romans, the Egyptians and Us

Episode   ·  23 Plays

Episode   ·  23 Plays  ·  11:31  ·  Nov 18, 2020


This podcast episode, hosted, written and produced by Souhardya De, is an audio retelling of a column of the same name by Souhardya for the Sunday Guardian. “Civilisations that flourished back to when man worshipped nature as the primordial force from which originated beings, were bound to have resemblances in ideologies, texts, traditions and philosophies. Greeks and Indians are two distinct races, separated by thousands of stadia, divided by natural barriers that include but are not limited to, mountains, highlands, rivers and seas, between which was once extant, the mighty Achaemenid Empire of Persia.” When Megasthenes was sent to India as the Seleucid Ambassador, he observed a striking resemblance between the Greek culture and the Indian cultural features that included but was not limited to, the characteristic traits of gods and goddesses, the philosophy that was curled up together, only known so long by different denominations. He presumed that Krishna and Balarama would definitely have been Heracles and ended up intermingling the Greek and the Indian pantheon that resulted in a cross cultural discourse, as a result of which a philosophical fusion was born.

11m 31s  ·  Nov 18, 2020

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