Medusa: The Winged Gorgon

Cosmographia: The Graeco-Romans, the Egyptians and Us

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Medusa, the vile monstrous feminine mortal with snakes instead of hair, is considered by many to be one of the most amazingly dangerous creatures ever to have existed in Greco-Roman Mythology. But was she always as such? If not, how did a maiden become so vile that she came to be regarded as “Medusa: The Winged Gorgon” with the Gorgon sisters having been classified as monstrous deities of the underworld? Perseus, the Greek hero is said to have slain the vociferous monster after it gave him a real, tough fight. Was he able to defeat Medusa all by himself or did the Gods plan against the monstrous woman? Or if they did, why would the gods plot against a mortal woman? To find out answers to these, do listen to “Medusa: The Winged Gorgon” by Souhardya De, exclusively on “Cosmographia: The Graeco-Romans, the Egyptians and Us”, now streaming on every major distribution platform!

15m 44s  ·  Jan 4, 2021

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