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MEANWHILE, HERE ON EARTH – PETER ROBBINSThis program features in-depth conversation/interviews with the leading names in the worlds of UFO and paranormal studies, with particular emphasis on how they became the public figures we’ve come to know and respect. Each week veteran investigative writer/researcher Peter Robbins brings you these as well as in-depth conversations with experiencers and UFO abductees and the best and the brightest of the next generation of writers, researchers, and experiencers.“Meanwhile, Here On Earth.” will also depart from strictly UFO/paranormal topics in featuring accounts and panel discussions with a surprising variety of writers, authors, artists, filmmakers, musicians, mental health professionals, actors, directors, theologians, and a myriad of other unforgettable individuals who share your interest in the subjects in question. The show that breaks new ground and welcomes all listener/viewers be they new to these subjects or veterans of them.Make Contact | Stay Connected - enjoy the full "Meanwhile Here On Earth" experience with exclusive streaming and archive video shows. Subscribe now for exclusive content on - Your Official Network with the Best Paranormal/Alternative Digital Broadcasting.

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