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Lessons from Mountain living: Building Ecological Connections with Aarti Dhingra

Tiny Farm Friends

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Episode  ·  1:43:06  ·  Dec 4, 2022


Aarti is an architect, with a deep interest in ecological design and the visual arts. Her interdisciplinary practice - based out of a small village in Uttarakhand in the Central Himalayas of India - explores interconnections between ecology, design, climate, culture, and social identity.⛰️ What you will learn:⛰️ Following your instincts⛰️ Working in the hills of Uttarakhand⛰️ Living a life in the countryside⛰️ Why city people are moving to the hills⛰️ Ghost villages of Uttarakhand⛰️  Gift Economy⛰️  Building beauty For show notes click hereWatch it on Youtube ☕ Researching, recording, and editing a podcast requires a lot of caffeine :D If you like listening to the conversations on our podcast, please consider buying us a coffee here.Thank you! ⛰️ Connect with Aarti LinkedinInstagram: @aartinabox , @StudioKumaon

1h 43m 6s  ·  Dec 4, 2022

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