Is Alex Jones, Mike Adams & David Wilcock Joining Forces? | The Zzenn Podcast

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Mike Adams, who is a regular on the Alex Jones show has interviewed David Wilcock who is known for peddling New Age disinformation. He believes himself to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and supports a belief system that is anti-Christianity. Not only does Alex Jones have Mike Adams (who is another professed Christian) on his show, but David Icke who is the self proclaimed second coming of Jesus Christ. Are they joining forces to promote a staged alien invasion planned by the Globalists? The Christian hypocrisy is stunning as Alex Jones will compromise and contradict his Christian preaching by collaborating with New Age anti-Christian scam artists.News reports on UFO sightings and Apocalypse news on climate change, globalism, World War 3, pandemics, conspiracy, religion, spirituality, and humorous topics. The Zzenn Podcast is hosted by Zzenn Loren.-----------------------------WEBSITESOfficial Zzenn Websitehttps://officialzzenn.wordpress.comThe Zzenn Podcast Bloghttp://thezzennpodcast.wordpress.comApocalypse Survival Group – Facebook ZZENNSchedule a Skype Session with Zzenn. - through Venmo at - contactzzenn@gmail.comZzenn's Books -

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