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LaunchPod Media and RevRoad proudly present, Inclusion inc | Diversity at Work. A podcast mini-docuseries hosted by Bri Ray, about life and progress in the modern workplace. An NPR-style production each episode in this 12 part docu-series series will touch upon topics such as Race, Representation, Leadership, Culture, LGBTQ+, and other intersectional topics that fill space between cubicles and closure. Each episode will feature 1-2 unique voices and companies that are leading the charge for change with optimism for the future, while unflinchingly detail issues and success that today's leaders make from startup to stardom. Companies include Reddit, Homie, Keep on, Cotopaxi, Hallo, Skill Struck, Mentorli, Women's Tech Council, Kiln, Domo, Utah Pride Center, Code in Color, Project Rainbow, SRT, Motovosity, Brigham Young University, Savory fund, and and others.

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