If You Have Guts

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Episode   ·  458 Plays

Episode   ·  458 Plays  ·  1:09:50  ·  Feb 27, 2021


Kanan & Manek (constantly breaking new ground in podcasting history) host the first ever audio-only gaming channel, discuss the universally-beloved NNN app, solve a mystery that didn't need solving, create a safe space for expired apologies, revisit the divisive crunchy-crispy debate, celebrate the winners among us, declare more rules of modern etiquette, and announce messages from our sponsors. Contribute at hello@nonewnotifications.com  Visit our website if you're that kinda person www.nonewnotifications.com Opening Music (Arranged, Produced, Mixed and Salted) by Jonathan Wesley at www.jonathanwesleymusic.com

1h 9m 50s  ·  Feb 27, 2021

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