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What are the best growth hacking tools to get you started. A deep dive into what are the best type of tools needed for growth hacking. These growth hacking tools’ve already heard about growth hacking and how it can help your startup go from zero to profitable in less time than you might think. However, while reading about success stories and understanding the mechanics of growth hacking is vital, that kind of knowledge can only get you part of the way there. If you're interested in hacking your way to growth, then you need to utilize the right tools and the proper mindset to get to where you want to be. Fortunately, because we live in a digital age, there are a plethora of tools available. Today we’re going to be looking at the top growth hacking tools, as well as discussing how they work and how to make sure that you’re utilizing them effectively. Growth hacking tool checklistWhen researching and testing tools for growth hacking consider the following:0:01:10 -- Does this tool directly help me solve my growth problem?0:01:26 -- Are special expertise needed to use this tool I don’t have?0:01:41 -- Is this tool cost effective?0:01:52 -- When I scale is this tool still cost effective?0:02:00 -- Does this tool have integrations with other tools?0:02:23 -- Can I start using this tool right now?0:02:54 -- Can I get basic results within 7 days?These seven checkpoints allow you to evaluate any given tool within 5 minutes. The purpose isn’t a thorough review, as you will need to shift through several tools but rather for short-listing purposes. This checklist is best done within teams where multiple views can be taken into account. Ideally teams with cross-functional capabilities will give the best outcomes. If you don’t have a team like that find some friends or other experts who you can barter time and expertise with. _______The original blog post is here for further reading and a list of actual online growth hacking courses that can help you Hacking Series ----------------------------------------------------------------------ALSO WATCH more about Growth Hacking What is Growth Hacking Growth Hacking Growth Hacking Works from the superstars of Growth Hacking When Growth Hack Is Best For You Growth Hacking Courses To Select The Top Growth Hacking Tools visit my website and social media accountsFor more information on Growth, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Nader Sabry | Website Sabry | Instagram Sabry | Linkedin Sabry | Medium Sabry | Twitter subscribe and press the bell for all future updates #podcast #businessideasThanks for watching How To Select The Top Growth Hacking Tools // Growth Hacking Series Podcast // Nader Sabry

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