Gangs of America; WHISTLE BLOWING Homegrown Terrorist Threat

Gangs of America; WHISTLE BLOWING Homegrown Terrorist Threat



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Switching the name up some focusing on the tech issues and technology attacks that span including cyber terrorism, telephone and communications, internet and networking, servers and backups, financial and real estate.Whistle Blowing Podcast covering NWO, Crimes Against Humanity, Warcrimes, gang stalkers & Targeted individuals. With proof of the activities of the Columbus GayMafia Terrorist Cell, drag queens, strippers, & service workers—OH my! (Not only cbus-franklin park-Dayton-northern Ky- countrywide. Posing as employees of federal agencies, law enforcement, court officials, FBI, CIA, secret service, also utility and telecommunications employees which they ARE NOT. But using their key cards for gaining access. Also HUGE into real estate fraud. Fake identities, virtual identities, brainwashing, mind cloning/control, subliminal messaging, harassment, bullying, invasion of privacy and sexual predators (of all ages-mental -physical -early childhood development.

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