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Extravagant Son (उड़ाऊ पुत्र)

Bible Stories for Kids

Episode   ·  68 Plays

Episode  ·  68 Plays  ·  6:08  ·  Mar 18, 2021


This story is inspired by Bible. Once upon a time, there was a rich man who had two sons and he loved them the same. When kids grew up, the elder one stayed at home and supported his father while the younger one, took his share of the property and wealth and walked out of the house.  Younger one traveled afar and spent lavishly on all kinds of merry-making and soon ran out of money. There was a massive famine in his new place and in these troubled times, he joined a farmer to help him with his livestock and ate the same food which was given to animals. Then finally he decided to go back to his father and seek forgiveness. Upon seeing his younger son come back, his father was elated, forgave him, and organized a huge celebration. While the elder brother was a bit upset to see his younger brother just walk back like this, the father explained to his elder son to not be jealous and let bygones be bygones. The moral of the story is that we should stay in harmony with everyone and forgive those who have made a mistake. https://chimesradio.com  http://onelink.to/8uzr4g  https://www.instagram.com/vrchimesradio/  https://www.facebook.com/chimesradio/    Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/chimesradioSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

6m 8s  ·  Mar 18, 2021

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