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Denise King Francisco is an author, spiritual teacher and owner of The Temple Within LLC and the Temple Within School of Sacred Studies, which were founded in 2000. She lectures and teaches in the United States and abroad in a variety of areas, encompassing the practices of spiritual development and balanced living. Denise shares her wisdom regarding spiritual pathways and the life journey with an open heart and gentle humor. Denise has written several highly successful books and produced many guided visualization audios.Co-owner of the Mystic’s Heart, Denise has released the highly popular Empowerment Deck oracle card series with the artist, David Fix. The Mystic Angels, Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, Animal Spirit Totems and the Spirit of Mythology Empowerment Decks are now enjoyed in over 60 countries worldwide. In 2017, Denise and David began to create and release their much-anticipated series of spiritual books for children, beginning with, “Angels All Around Us.”Denise is the founder and president of Gathering Thunder Foundation a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Native American culture, spirituality, languages and People."It's not uncommon for people to ask me about my work and how I would classify it. While my ancestry includes European and African roots, at the end of the day, I'm an American. I'm an American Mystic with deep roots in the Southern States. I honor all of my ancestors and the gifts that they share with me."

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