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Episode 28: War Of Doctrines

The Voice of Healing Radio with Apostle Michael Petro

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The church is under the impression that everybody is going to make it, when in fact the scriptures allude to something much different. There is war raging in the spirit and it has everything to do with demons twisting the true doctrine of the church to lead it astray. We read about a great falling away in the book of 2 Thessalonians and this is partly due to the church falling away from the fathers of the faith who got our doctrine from and its interpretation. These men warn us about the dangers of preaching a different gospel and if our churches are teaching differently than these men did, we are listening to doctrines of demons. (Gal 1:18) Our doctrines will lead us to either hell or heaven and in these last times the Lord is sounding the trumpets, which are the messages of the end time prophets, to uncover the secret truth of His scriptures. (Rev 10:7) Support the show: https://voh.church/radio See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

27m 56s  ·  Jun 2, 2021

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