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Episode 22: Truth, Miracles & the End-Time Elijah Company FT. Paul R. Oebel

The Voice of Healing Radio with Apostle Michael Petro

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What do Truth, Miracles and the end-time Elijah Company have in common? You can’t have one of them without all of them present in the Church. On his second feature on VOH Radio, Paul R. Oebel chats with Apostle Michael Petro about the importance of Prophets in the Body of Christ for understanding what’s coming and how to be ready for it. The Early Church - the men and women who learnt directly from the Apostles, Jesus’ disciples - all taught and held the belief that the prophets would be here until Jesus returned. Not as we know them today, biblical prophets “have the ability to open the scripture and see what time frame we’re in (Amos 3:7)” and god promises when we “believe and remain steadfast to His prophets” we “will prosper” (2 Chron. 20:20).  There are entire denominations that believe there are no more Prophets, but the last event in the book of Revelations is the 7th Trumpet sounding that the mystery of God would be finished and writes that this will be declared “by His servants the prophets”. These same denominations don’t believe in miracles, but the Word, when spoken by these true servants of God have the power to produce physical and spiritual miracles. Just like the Word became flesh, we’re going to see the Word that is spoken from eternity, come through into this world and take on flesh and restore people physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s time for the creative miracles of God to be revealed through His people. It’s time for us to step out in Faith and see God move. It’s time for the End-Time Elijah Company. “Every miracle you can name I’ve seen in my ministry. The Lord told me you haven’t seen NOTHING yet!” – Paul R. Oebel Support the show: https://voh.church/radio See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

27m 57s  ·  Feb 15, 2021

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