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Episode 21: God is Raising A Voice Against The Flood FT. Paul R. Oebel

The Voice of Healing Radio with Apostle Michael Petro

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God is raising a Voice - His people - to defeat the flood of deception released by Satan into the World and against the Church (Rev. 12:15). These “hidden, unknown and silent people” according to Paul R. Oebel are “the Remnant” being prepared and enlisted into the end-time army of God. The time for God to bring the Final move of His Glory is here and it’s not months, it’s not weeks, it’s any day now. The signs of the times are clear, Apostle Michael Petro and Paul R. Oebel from Faith Unveiled Network discuss the biblical importance of the fulfillment of 1950s prophecy and the restoration of the office of the apostles and prophets to prepare the Church - the Bride of Christ - for Christ’s second coming. The Spirit of Elijah is being released to remove the spirit of Jezebel from the pulpits and take the Body of Christ back to what the Early Church knew - “not the wisdom of Man”, but “the demonstration of the Spirit and power” (1 Cor 2:4) that transforms the soul through the mysteries of Scripture. “Our ears HAVE to come open to our duty in Christ - It’s time for US to play a part in this next revival.” - Apostle Michael Petro Support the show: https://voh.church/radio See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

27m 54s  ·  Feb 15, 2021

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