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Episode 217: The Tragic Murder of Dominique Dunne

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Episode   ·  12 Plays

Episode  ·  12 Plays  ·  1:07:23  ·  Mar 15, 2021


Dominique Dunne was an upcoming actress with roles in different shows like Chips, Hart to Hart, one of her last roles was actually in the- potentially cursed- movie Poltergeist. In 1982 Dominique was killed at the hands of her boyfriend John Thomas Sweeney. Their relationship, trial and aftermath are absolutely devastating and what we’ll go over in detail during this episode. Sources used:Dominik Dunne's Vanity Fair Piece, A father’s account of the trial of his daughter’s killer. https://filmdaily.co/obsessions/true-crime/dominique-dunne/https://medium.com/the-true-crime-edition/injustice-for-dominique-dunne-66f5bac3998bAs always, thank you to our sponsors:HelloFresh: Use code morbid12 at HelloFresh.com/morbid12.Embark: Go to Embarkvet.com now to get free shipping and save $40 off your Embark Breed and Health Kit with Promo code MorbidGabi: See how much Gabi can save you, go to Gabi.com/MORBIDAMC Shudder: To try Shudder free for 30 days, go to shudder.com and use promo code morbidBetterHelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid listeners get 10% off theirfirst month at betterhelp.com/Morbid

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