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Festival Talks

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Hello and welcome to festival talks. my name is Alvaro Garza. I'm the producer and host for this podcast. I'm also a tour guide in Barcelona, Spain. I decided to create this show in response to the many conversations I have had with other tour guides and their knowledge of festivals in this region. We talked about the how and why of many local festivals. Therefore, I decided to take my curiosity to another level and start asking other tour guides from around the world about the festivals they knew about and wanted to share. Some of these festivals are as you would expect, big parties with music, crowds, street fairs, and parades. Also, you would also expect some serious eating and drinking. Some eat and drink some really interesting things and others have really savory indulgences. Yeah, we will talk that as well.We will get into the histories of these festivals. Many of these festivals have religious origins, some celebrate freedom, and others celebrate remembrances, some festivals celebrate fallen heroes, as some festivals have super strange origins that you won't believe your ears.Our goal with this show to has some fun and study the different ways people around the world celebrate and the festivals they attach to these celebrations. And hopefully, give you some information about a festival going on in your next travel destination. We can have a discussion about these festivals on all major social platforms. Our handle is @FestivalTalks. Additionally, you will find show notes and pics on the episode webpage found at our website www.festivaltalks.com (http://www.festivaltalks.com).

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