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Ep 11: Designing, Monetising, and future of Games for India ft. Dayanidhi M.G and Ganesh Hande, Co-Founders-NCore Games

Sculpted | The Design Podcast

Episode   ·  19 Plays

Episode  ·  19 Plays  ·  1:15:37  ·  Nov 11, 2021


Today’s episode is very special because today, we have not one but two guests who are a complete powerhouse of experience from one of the most thriving industries of the current times which is the gaming industry. The gaming industry is now growing and gaining a lot of popularity across sectors. And our guests, Mr. Dayanidhi M G and Mr. Ganesh Hande, the founders of one of the top gaming companies of India - ‘nCore Games’.  Mr. Dayanidhi spans a rich career of over 25 years in the software industry whereas Mr. Ganesh Hande possesses a diversified career of over 13 years in Management, Analytics & Operations.  And let me tell you, they are also the minds behind the hugely popular game in India called ‘FAU-G’ that was successfully launched in January this year.  So, dive with us in this episode where we talk about designing a game from scratch. Highlights: Journey of FAU-G from scratch What makes a game viral or addictive? Key elements while designing a good game that can keep the gamer engaged? Will mobile phone gaming take over console games?   Subscribe / Follow the podcast to receive updates about the latest episodes. New episodes streaming Thursdays fortnightly! Do check out our Instagram page @sculptedpodcast for more updates and informative snippets of these episodes.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1h 15m 37s  ·  Nov 11, 2021

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