Cosmographia: An Introduction

Cosmographia: The Graeco-Romans, the Egyptians and Us

Episode   ·  3 Plays

Episode   ·  3 Plays  ·  1:34  ·  Oct 2, 2020


From Greece to Rome, from Egypt to India, everything is bound by that same thread of knowledge: ‘logos’, using logic to make sense of the world. Cosmographia (Latin for the ‘World’) is a podcast on Spotify that will deal with the cross cultural and philosophical dimensions of the various mythological tales that ultimately weave human philosophy together. How are Orphism and the cult of Dionysus similar? What are the exact resemblances between the Hindu pantheon and the Greco Roman pantheon? If Apollo is the Sun God in the Greek mythology, Surya in Indian myths and Phoebus is such in Rome, why do the Egyptians have three different Sun gods? Do these questions intrigue you? If yes, do tune in to the very first episode of ‘Cosmographia: The Greco Romans, the Egyptians and Us’

1m 34s  ·  Oct 2, 2020

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