Coronoavirus Has Impacted Life

Coronoavirus Has Impacted Life



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We are expericing a new way of life with the impact of Coronoavirus. . Are we really ready, what are our capabitilies,what do we need to address this deadly unknown enemy with no cure. Why did we act so slowly when Coronoavirus was made public in China December 31, 2019 , where cases were reported December 19 and 29th according to Wuhan Municipal Health.Chinese authorities. They confimed that they had identified the virus coronavirus January 7, 2020. The first death was reported January 11, 2020. The first case was confrimed in the US soil on January 21, 2020. On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization determined the outbreak to be a Public Health Emegency. The US capacity to fight this epidemic is less than adequate with not enough medical protective equipmnet, patient beds and ventilators to address this emergency. This situation has had greater impact on the nation than the 911 attacks. Where do we go from here, how life will changed for thousands of families and Americans now.

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