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The ethnodramatic approach Honoring Stories and Integrating Curriculum™, developed by its founder and president, Sarah Hobson, Ph.D. is a systematic way for organizations to design culturally responsive trauma-informed instruction, products and services that engage educators, students, business leaders and their employees as regional and national change-makers. In our podcast, Honoring Stories and Integrating Curriculum™: How to Build and Sustain Communities, we demonstrate what restoring regional villages around all of our youth and families entails. The first series provides interviews with 6 leaders in one local non-profit, Fathers Families and Support Center, who have built relationships with businesses, funders and government sectors who are helping them provide missing sustainable resources related to affordable housing, healthy nutrition, parenting training, counseling, legal support, employment preparation, and employment in companies to families across our region. As you listen to each leader’s powerful story of contributing to building this organization, its staff, clientele and diverse talent pipelines, you will learn more about how to join non-profit gems like these in St. Louis or in your own communities in ways that expand the village around the youth and families who need us. You will learn the different dimensions of Honoring Stories and Integrating Curriculum™ that root us in our local histories of removing life-saving sustainable resources for too many black, brown, and white communities. You will learn how Honoring Stories and Integrating Curriculum™ helps strengthen teams who understand how to use the power of collective storytelling to invest in bridge-building communication – among employees, with clients, and with communities. This bridge-building engages employees in organizational thought leadership towards making change with affected communities while revealing how to expand diverse talent pipelines. This bridge-building also reveals new possibilities for how instruction, products and services can better align with community literacies, community needs, and histories of community-led development.

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