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My show is a high intensity podcast. I talk about Sports, Wrestling, #DFS, Music and mostly all current topics past and present. I do not talk much about politics or religion because I don't really care about any of that. We might mention it sometimes depending on current events going on in the world. I use to call in to Sirius XM back in the day when Tommy G and Dr Roto would let me on in which I would unleash the Painbringer for 60 seconds of intensity. Since a lot of my former radio people have moved on I decided to make my show based on this. I also give daily advice on my #MarriedWithDfs page on Facebook. You can say that I'm less intense on this page because I am more professional there. Heat00veride is a no holds barred loud mouth so always take that into consideration while listeningI also do Top and Best of shows as well as Star Wars, sports and my insane skit called #ThingsThatMakeMeAJerk. I have done my Top ten Star Wars films and Top 20 video games list among many other great episodes. Impromptu episodes can get crazy since that's usually done when I let the Painbringer out to speak from a different prospective. Hopefully we don't offend anyone since this is a comedy show for the most part with facts and good times spread in between. I hope you give us a chance and always remember to Bring The Pain! *Disclaimer*The views of the hosts on this podcast are not always the views of the hosts on their everyday life. Even with all of the good content the Characters or skits on this podcast are for good humor and nothing else. Our views do not represent our outside life or anyone involved with in this manner and may mention real life moments where we go the other route. That being said, you will learn real life knowledge as well as facts but we will also play a role of an intense person that may offend some. Believe me we do not mean to offend anyone here on Bring the pain we just want to offer a different prospective than you would normally not hear in everyday life. All is in good humor. Thank you for your support.Enjoy!

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