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Bonus Episode 1: He Loves to Dress Up as a Woman- Why Does Jake Become Jacqueline?

Simmy Said Whatt?!

Episode   ·  257 Plays

Episode  ·  257 Plays  ·  33:34  ·  Mar 15, 2022


Have you ever thought to yourself "Log kya kahenge ?" I collaborated with @jakesitlani for responding to the infamous question with a counter question : "Log kya hee keh lenge ?"  I seriously mean it !! Take it from someone jisne sab ki bolti bandh kardi and that too with one saree at a time.  As a cisgender, there are many experiences which are straightforward to us. As a crossdresser ( who is not necessarily a trans person ) , even a simple experience like using the washroom can be confusing.  Is crossdressing just a trans thing ?  Are drag and cross-dressers the same ? and there's so much more we have covered in this episode ! This time,  you can tune in without your headphones.  Listener's discretion advised.You can follow me on:Instagram: https://instagram.com/simmysaidwhat?utm_medium=copy_linkYouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCFeIPY_Xa9hddLEIQHCJVpgYou can follow Jake on:Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jakesitlani/

33m 34s  ·  Mar 15, 2022

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