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Episode   ·  6 Plays

Episode   ·  6 Plays  ·  27:06  ·  Jul 6, 2021


In this edition of The Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman speaks to Juliana Meyer of SupaPass, a CMS website and app builder geared towards content creators. In all the years Pipeman has been on air, he has never recommended a website builder… until now! Juliana explains all of the amazing quality you get for your money, such as all the users and data are yours and how there’s absolutely no revenue sharing with SupaPass, what you earn is what you keep! Pipeman also loves that the UK data laws means your users info is secure and they won’t be getting annoying emails from 10 different sources if they sign up to anything! Pipeman touches on how other sites in the past delete everything on you if you try to change platform, something SupaPass would never do as all of your content is yours! Be sure to check out their affordable prices over at and if you decide you like what you see, you’ll definitely love their customer service too! The Adventures of Pipeman is broadcast live daily 10am – Noon ET.The Adventures of Pipeman TV Show is viewed on Talk 4 TV ( Adventures of Pipeman Radio Show is broadcast on W4CY Radio ( and K4HD Radio ( – Hollywood Talk Radio part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network ( The Adventures of Pipeman Podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Audible, and over 100 other podcast outlets.

27m 6s  ·  Jul 6, 2021

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