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Podcast Theme Song: Ain't Nothing Like That Old Fashioned BluesPodcast Theme Song By: Gail Nobles © 2021Song: The Glory of LoveSong by: Otis ReddingPhoto credit: Public DomainThank you for listening to Podcast and Blues. I'm Gail Nobles, and I was just thinking today. There ain't nothing like that old fashioned blues. (Singing) What are they singing about today?Ain't nothin' like that old fashioned blues.What are they giving from the heart today?Ain't nothin' like that old fashioned blues.Ain't nothin' like that old fashioned blues.I think about all of the old legends that have passed and gone. Music is not the same without them. They wrote and sang and played music from the heart. Otis Redding told us what to do. (Singing) Sigh a littleCry a littleAnd let that wind just blow right on by a little, yea.That's the story ofThat's the glory of loveOtis lived his words and was able to record them and put them into songs. Today it's all about throwing words together. It's like there's no life behind the words. There's no real pain and heartache to be able to add feeling. When you've actually lived something, it's easier to write and express it. Songs aren't always easy to write. I think the more you love and learn about life, the more great songs can be written. The more singers can sing. But you know, that's just may opinion. It can be fact. The legends did not become legends for nothing. They had charisma. I'm Gail Nobles and todays topic old fashioned blues. (singing)Ain't nothing like that old fashioned blues by Gail Nobles © 2021.You're listening to Podcast and Blues

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