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26: 026 - Kesha Shah - Co-Founder Tyche Financial planners


Episode   ·  596 Plays

Episode  ·  596 Plays  ·  14:30  ·  Apr 5, 2023


“For me, it started with taking printouts of investment reports (for my dad) and in that process, I started understanding those reports, and began doing my own research on the same. For us, investing has been simple and goal-based. The goal and timeline of every investment is decided first. Women are great learners! We are great housemakers, we’re very good at doing the things we do. With a little effort, I’m sure we can master the art of investing and do wonders for ourselves.” Kesha Shah, Co-founder of Tyche Financial Planners, is a certified financial planner from Mumbai with several years of experience, giving financial advice to diverse audiences on various platforms like FM radio, Facebook Live and in newspaper columns. In The Moneywise Podcast, Kesha talks about her journey as a woman investor, the lessons she learnt along the way and the role women play in households when it comes to investments. 

14m 30s  ·  Apr 5, 2023

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