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23: 023 - Pradeep Jain, Director of Financial Products Distribution, PMPK Wealth Pvt Ltd


Episode   ·  265 Plays

Episode  ·  265 Plays  ·  8:29  ·  Feb 8, 2023


“When we search for financial advice on the internet, we tend to search within the bounds of our own understanding of the subject. That will obviously present several limitations. We will find 1000 pages in favor of our limited opinion, and 1000 pages that argue against that very same opinion. So, the confusion never really ends. And when new knowledge, learnings, or data is added on a daily basis to such a situation, we can find ourselves in a state of decision paralysis.” Pradeep Jain, Director of Financial Products Distribution with Ranchi-based PMPK Wealth Pvt Ltd, places emphasis on financial independence for all Indians. He believes a financial mentor can help an investor overcome obstacles that show up in the pursuit of financial freedom. In this podcast, Mr. Jain explains the relevance of financial mentors during the course of the investment journey.

8m 29s  ·  Feb 8, 2023

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