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19. Kohistan Video Murders (Pt.1) - Pakistan

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Episode   ·  105 Plays

Episode   ·  105 Plays  ·  28:30  ·  Apr 23, 2021


A video surfaced back in 2012, far in the northern hills of Pakistan, in a small district called Kohistan. This video, to an outsider, like me or you, is a very innocent clip— 4 women clapping and singing wedding songs, while 1 boy dances to their melodious tunes. Sounds like a happy moment caught on a 2 megapixel Nokia camera. Well, think again! This is the story of the video that took the lives of 8 people; this is the story of the Kohistan Video Murders | Intro by ghostfml Follow us on Instagram : @desicrime https://www.instagram.com/desicrime/ Follow us on Twitter : @desicrime https://twitter.com/DesiCrime?s=20 PLEASE become a Patron: www.patreon.com/desicrime —————————————————————

28m 30s  ·  Apr 23, 2021

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