11: Modern Chess Problems 1884


Episode   ·  10 Plays

Episode   ·  10 Plays  ·  8:13  ·  Mar 26, 2021


Addressing the worrying trends in fabricated Chess Problems and whether they are instructive or problematic for the game of chess as a whole. From Volume 4 of the 1884 released British Chess Magazine.With John Chidgey.Reading Material: The British Chess Magazine (Volume 4 1884) Other shows on the network: Causality Pragmatic Support Sleep on PatreonEpisode Gold Producers: 'r' and Chip Salzenberg.Episode Silver Producers: Mitch Biegler, John Whitlow, Kevin Koch, Oliver Steele, Lesley Law Chan, Hafthor and Shane O'Neill.

8m 13s  ·  Mar 26, 2021

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