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Gita in daily life for peace, harmony, and happiness How to transform your life by learning principles, practices from Gita. The source and the inspiration Eastern wisdom 6000 years’ old tradition supported by 3000 teachers and texts. The goal of eastern wisdom is to discovery the true nature to end stress, suffering, and awaken to inner peace and happinessWhy this program?•Learn simple and easy steps to relax within few minutes.•Educate and empower your mind to induce relaxation anytime and anywhere within few minutes•Learn mindfulness from the teachings of the masters who discovered it, for 6000 years.How program works?The program is an experiential learning, engages participants acquire knowledge of the principles of eastern wisdom, followed by small and easy practice, sharing of experiences.Who can join?Anyone who is seeking peace, happiness,Well-being, and complementary approach to overcome addiction / dependence from drugs, alcohol, and other social abuses.Topics 1.Brief history, origin, teachings of Gita.2.How and why to Study Gita?3.Brief Summary of 18 chapters and 700 verses of Gita 4.Meditation in daily life from Gita5.Why to study Gita for daily life and living.6.Samkhya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, in Gita7.Tri Guna in Gita in thought, speech, action, food, behavior etc.8.Importance of mental culture, purification of mind, equanimity in mind, in daily life from Gita9.Gita – a unique method of transformation in life 10.How to excel in personal, professional, social and family lives.Simple practices of eastern wisdom1.4 step relaxation practice 2.Self-awareness practice 3.Shanti Meditation 4.Mindfulness practices You can attend the program Online / in person / group / corporate programsAbout Girish Jha : www.girishjha.com Contact us info@girishjha.org www.girishjha.org#GirishJha #DailylifeinPeace #Mindfulenss #EvolveHelpeveryoneToEvolve

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