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भाग 7: विठ्ठल नामगाजर | Part 7: Vitthal Naamgaajar

Bolava Vitthal Pahava Vitthal: Audiobiography of Saint Tukaram

Episode   ·  5,864 Plays

Episode  ·  5,864 Plays  ·  9:27  ·  Jul 1, 2020


आषाढी एकादशीला पंढरपूर जनसागराने फुलून जाते. आज वारीला प्रतिवर्षी न चुकता जाणारी अनेक आहेत.एकदा का पाऊले चालू लागली की विठ्ठल नाम, विठ्ठल जप आलेच. या विठ्ठलाचा उद्घोष संत परंपरेने अजरामर केला. विठ्ठल नामाची प्रचिती आलेल्या संतांपैकी , एक ठळक नाव म्हणजे  तुकाराम महाराज.  त्यांचे चरित्र जितके भावपूर्ण तितकेच अंतर्मुख करणारे. त्यांची कहाणी म्हणजेच बोलावा विठ्ठल ... पाहावा विठ्ठल लेखिका: मंदाकिनी गोगटेसदरकर्ते: स्वाती गोगटे Pandharpur Wari is an annual pilgrimage (yatra) to the town of Pandharpur, Maharashtra, which is the seat of Lord Vithoba. Palakhis (palanquin processions) carrying the paduka (footprints) of the deity and various saints, most notably Dnyaneshwar and Tukaram from the Warkari sect, are taken from their respective shrines to Pandharpur.  The tradition is more than 700 to 800 years old. This march on foot from various locations in Maharashtra to Vithoba temple, Pandharpur, attracts over a million pilgrims.  While on foot they chant the name of the Lord. The importance of constantly chanting ' Vithal Vithal' was made timeless by saints, one notably among them is Saint Tukaram. They say faith can move mountains. His biography is an insightful account of his undeterred deep faith in Lord Vithal. His story is the core of Bolala Vithal, Pahawa Vithal Author: Mandakini GogateNarrator: Swati Gogate The podcast is an Ep.Log Media Network Production You can follow us and leave us feedback on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @eplogmedia, For partnerships/queries send you can send us an email at bonjour@eplog.media. If you like this show, please subscribe and leave us a review wherever you get your podcasts, so other people can find us. You can also find us on https://www.eplog.mediaSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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