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  1. Waterboy

    The Best American Folk


  2. Waterboy Song Lyrics

    Waterboy, where are you hiding
    If you don't come right here
    Gonna tell you pa on you
    There ain't no hammer
    That's on a this mountain
    That ring like mine boy
    That ring like mine
    I'm gonna bust this rock boy
    From here to the Macon
    All the way to the jail boy
    All the way to the jail
    You Jack o diamond
    Jack o diamond
    Know you of old boy
    I know you're of old
    You rob-a my pocket
    Rob my pocket
    Silver and gold boy
    Of silver and gold
    There ain't no sweat boy
    That's on a this mountain
    That run like mine boy
    That run like mine

    Writer(s): avery robinson
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    1. Harry Belafonte


    2. Harry Belafonte -

      Music Director

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