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  1. Thee Worst

    Playa del Carmen, Vol. 2 (Deep House Grooves)


  2. Thee Worst Song Lyrics

    "Tell me what you say now?
    Tell me what you say, come again?
    If you cannot stay down, then you do not have to pretend,
    like there is no way out, i shoulda never let you in.
    Cause you got me face down.
    And don't take this personal.but you're the worst.

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    1. Thee Cool Cats


    2. Lika Morgan


    3. Brian Warfield

      Music Director

    4. Myron Birdsong

      Music Director

    5. Shawn Carter

      Music Director

    6. Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

      Music Director

    7. Maclean Robinson

      Music Director

    8. Lyricist