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  1. The Origin

    Thoughtful King


  2. The Origin Song Lyrics

    Damani Nkosi Washington
    was named,
    Damani Nkosi,
    Because I was tired of the conventional names
    given black children.
    No more European nonsense.
    So I looked up,
    in a friend of mines,
    "African Naming Book"
    Yoruba people
    And I found one name that meant,
    because I wanted a son who was going to be thoughtful,
    So I picked the name "Damani"
    but not only did I want him to be thoughtful,
    there was more
    He had to be a leader,
    So I found the word "Nkosi"
    which means ruler, chief,
    So thoughtful ruler is what I named my son,
    Damani Nkosi Washington, that's my man

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