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  1. Lucky Me

    Thoughtful King


  2. Lucky Me Song Lyrics

    Maybe it's the way i was raised
    The things I've seen is so different from the way its been played,
    My perspective on life alone was much to much for most
    Though I was comfortable as a floor mink coat
    Tappin' them pink gators with every step, you know
    When ya game so sure you don't worry bout no ref
    Aw man those were the days
    Definitely a different page, long gone that distant stage
    When chicks were pawns, shrimps were prawns
    Night fall turned into dawns, I was that guy, Yeah I was him
    Wait, wait I am him
    But nowadays my floss don't cost as much
    But don't get it twisted that Audi scream Saudi in any language, Yet and still
    Without that Aston Martin the old me vanquished
    Felt like God came down on me just before I can handle it
    You know the saying,
    It's like he showed me the real me all I can do is start praying
    Evil is what I was becoming
    Soul crushing is what I was drummin'
    That is until he came and changed me
    Back under his wing it felt like he had renamed me
    I see the world clear and can address the mirror
    Never be ashamed of who I am today, I have found my way
    Never to be led astray because in this game, It'll cost ya
    and i can't afford it
    I'd rather Honda Accord it before I make my unborn son an orphan leavin' him to be raised by these scorpions
    While the good in me stays dormant, Naw
    Naw I won't have it
    You see, being me feels pretty dang good I must admit
    I've came to far to go back now, I mean, I'll never forget
    Nor will I submit
    My trials My woes My set backs My goals
    I'm sayin' the good thing is I'm still here
    Who knows what tomorrow will bring
    Or what my sorrows may cling
    I laughed now cause, I kinda figured it out
    Which is funny cause now all they do is try to figure me out, Crazy right? Not really
    This was the day I took my "Chains Off"

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